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Helga Bender, Life Losses / Grief   Coach


Sometimes life turns out differently than we ever imagined.  The unexpected hits us.  We face things like cancer, divorce, or death of a loved one.   These are debilitating times, that leave us in a daze or feeling empty or robbed of our future.  Helga knows, she faced them and knows how to get through it still standing.   She can help you find tranquility and life again, whether it is a new loss or an old one.  To make a very hard process easier, and to get your life back while cherishing memories: Click here for a complementary intake session.  

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When Helga's son was killed, she was also facing a divorce.  She looked for help but found very little.  Being trained in helping traumatized people, she discovered her own effective tools to cope, to renew resilience and to find tranquility after loss. These powerful tools worked for her, they have worked for others and they can work for you too. Helga  provides personal coaching sessions and seminars for facing life’s profoundly difficult challenges to help guide you to the path of wholeness while facing an unexpected life and honoring the valuable gifts of the past.  

To ease a very hard process, contact her today for a no obligation, personal session,             "The Art of Finding Peace in an Imperfect World", as a gift to you.   

With a Master's Degree in Theological Studies, Helga also offers faith-based Christian coaching, addressing real issues with real help.  Ask for it. 

Contact her today for a no obligation, personal session,                                            "The Art of Finding Peace in an Imperfect World", as a gift to you. 

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Helga Bender is passionate about helping people overcome the trauma and exhaustion of loss.  She can help you too.  Find out more about Helga Bender... 


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