What is forgiveness?

Forgiveness is very misunderstood, It does not condone or excuse wrong things. It still calls evil, evil.  Forgiveness lets us get free and lets our happiness bubble up to the surface again.  It releases the IOU someone else owes us.  They may never be willing or able to pay it or they may have even passed away before apologizing.  We can still choose forgiveness because it is a choice we make  regardless of how we feel.  The feelings will come after making the choice.  It is choosing to let go of the resentment, letting them answer to God and not to you any more. "Vengeance is mine, I will repay" is what God says.  It will never be OK that a drunk driver killed a child  and it is right when the judge gives that driver jail sentence. But the parent carrying bitterness is like drinking the poison and hoping someone else will die.  Bitterness will only wreck our health and spill over into our relationships. 

Who has done you wrong?  Will you release carrying the IOU and give it over to God.  That allows him space to make it up to you and to deal with the other person.