The Why Questions and Cords of Love

 Ben at the Eiffel Tower, Paris

Ben at the Eiffel Tower, Paris

My son lived 75 years in his 25.  He was a man of vision and action and accomplished so much with his life.  He lived every moment fully, but was so busy working, and helping others that I worried that he might  burn out.  Little did I know that his candle was to burn fast and furiously but it would not have time to burn out.

With his Computer Science degree, he was a business man who also poured his skills  into helping others.  He was an athlete, a technical wizard and a world traveller among many other things. He wore a wristband that read WWJD which stood for What Would Jesus Do and he lived it with a quiet and generous integrity.  

After he died, I reviewed his days hoping to understand why this happened,  hoping it would ease the great pain of his loss. I am a praying person so I asked for understanding but it seemed my prayers were just pounding on God's door as my tears seeped under it with no answer.  But I was asking the wrong question, God is not to blame for something that was never his idea.   

For me, even before he died, there was a dawn of understanding how we are spirit beings in God and now this understanding grew. The bible says, “I knew you before I formed you in your mother's womb…” Jer. 1:5  and “For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb,” Ps. 139:13 and other verses like in the book of Job, who lost his 10 children helped me understand too.  We existed before we were born and we were drawn to God with cords of love in life Hos.11:4 and death is simply a part of life.

This really comforted me.  I have explained it below, “Cords of Love”.  Bless you with God’s heart and mind as you read it.  


Cords of Love

Even before creation, God thought of you and loved you.  With joy, he planned what you would be like and then, suddenly, you were there, with Him.  Delight washed over Him.  Created by Him, a spirit that came alive and danced in his being. 

He watched with pleasure as the angels brought you His stars to play with.  You were part of His heart, bound to Him with shimmering cords of love, for you were His very own handiwork.   He was overjoyed with you and He carefully planned a dwelling place for you on earth.  At the right moment in history, He tenderly sent your spirit into the world.   At your birth, your beauty took His breath away and He sang over you with reckless abandon. 

 But He knew what would come.  Though His heart was brimming with the pride of a parent sending His child to war, a lump rose in His throat.   He knew the hurts that would come to you and it tore His heart in two.  And though you were meant to be loved, the ones around you lashed out at you from their pain.  They abused their freedom and thus abused and damaged you. 

 “You, my child, you are my beloved and in your distress I too was distressed.  I watched over you in your sorrow. You didn't realize it, but I rescued you over and over again from the one who sought to destroy you.  Sometimes in your suffering, you thought I had forgotten you, but can a mother forget the child she has borne? Though she may forget I will never forget you.  You are mine.  

lighthouse waves.jpg

 Although flood waters may come, the waters will not sweep over you and although the fires may burn, they will not set you ablaze.  I move toward you with nothing but compassion and stretch out to embrace you with my whole life. 

 See, your name is engraved on my hand and I hold you dear to my heart. I am your God.  Come to me only for you are my own. 

Look to me until the sun fills your eyes. 

 Look until you see the wings of my angels that encircle you. 

 Look until you see the face of the one that loves you. 

 I will never leave you nor forsake you.  I am yours and you are mine. 





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