A strange little parade marching down the street

The five of us looked like a strange little parade marching down the street.  Two adults, and three little kids, snacks (the 2 year old ankle-biter insisted on carrying a bag of popcorn as big as she is)all straggled along with an armload of balloons blowing behind us.  At the store, when I had picked out my 9 different helium balloons, the clerk had offered some , “Happy Birthday” balloons.   I just nodded, “Thanks, but that won’t work”.   I did not say, these were “Missing-you-in-heaven-balloons”.  Sometimes you explain these things, sometimes you don’t.

The neighbour kids flocked to join the parade.  They already had heard the news about the balloon launch for the anniversary of Uncle-Ben-going-to-heaven.  They listened eagerly as my daughter and I told them funny stories of Ben’s childhood as we walked the short walk to Fish Creek park (our location of choice considering Ben is buried 3,000 miles away).  

We told them about: 

     How as a kid, week after week, Ben tried to convince me to make Kraft Dinner Macaroni and Cheese every single day and how I almost broke down! The kids giggled, imagining the joy of daily Kraft Dinner and took up the baton to conspire to do break down their mom too!

      That he had his own favorite word, “bedo” that he made up.  It covered whatever he felt like when he did not know what to say.  The kids tried it out and loved how it rolled off the tongue.

     How he and his sister would construct Lego strings, soooo long that they stretched all the way down the stairs. The kids nodded wisely, considered the difficulty of the challenge, and looked at their Mom with new admiration.   

     How he learned to ride his two-wheeler at 4 years old – no training wheels. “I did too, just like Uncle Ben”  said a triumphant little voice.  A happy-sad tear welled up in my eye.

     How he was like a mountain goat at 3 years old, climbing up rocks with lightning speed. “So are we, Mom and Dad take us to climb the rock wall.”  Ahhh, in the genes, I thought. 

     How Reese’s Pieces peanut butter and chocolate cups were his favorite – so he learned to use the microwave at about their age, just to make them at home himself as needed (all the time).  “I like them too!” rose the chorus from the kids. 

My daughter and I smiled at each other, it was healing to hear the kids laugh and compare notes with their uncle – and learn about their good heritage.   

With a shout of  "Hi, Uncle Ben!", all the balloons lifted off beautifully and sailed high into the sky.  A big joint sigh rose when one was temporarily blown into nearby tree tops but we all cheered when the wind lifted it out again.  Quickly, they became specks in the wild blue yonder - mission accomplished!  Each grandchild had her own balloon to keep too, “from Uncle Ben”.   We all sat on the Big Rock and told mores stories and ate popcorn and Reese’s Pieces.    

Then, it was time to go home and make dinner.    That day, I shared the love I carried in my broken place in my heart and added some new sweet memories.  I smiled, it was a good day and my heart was just a just a little bit lighter too.  

Blessings, big hugs and keep moving forward, 


PS.  Big thanks to each one of you for reading!   I will be blogging monthly now instead of weekly.   There are still more great parts of the story.  But because of interest,  I have an additional focus.  Watch for my new website “Open Gate Life Resources” for personalized spiritual life coaching (and also grief coaching), for accelerated spiritual growth, healing and tranquility.  Finally, find all you were created for, hear God's voice, dismantle blocks and trauma and rediscover powerful ancient paths and prayers, Open Gate Life Resources (presently under construction).  

Blessings, big hugs and keep moving forward, 



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