Their eyes lit up!

When their eyes light up, whether coaching or giving seminars, I love it!.  After two seminars last week, the great feedback included,

“ I finally understand I wasn't going crazy after my father died!  I wish had this seminar two years ago!”

“Fabulous tools that I can use right away to help me add “umph” back to my life!”

I presented “Bouncing Back, the Art of Resilience for the Unexpected Life,” at the South Calgary Hospital Wellness Centre where 20 people had registered. It was for when life does not go according to plan and we face the unexpected: health or job struggles, disaster or marriage breakdown. As I taught what is “normal” in an unimaginable situation, there were connect-the-dots moments. Yes, we're talking Aha! moments, they are so rewarding!  

I also teach practical techniques for handling stress and boosting our resilience. Participants notes and asked great questions during our “Ask the Expert” time.  This is when I hear stories of major health loss due to a vehicle crash, painful, toxic relationships, the loss of a husband of 40+ years and I offered tools but also my heart went out to them.  I admired their courageous choices to learn how to make the best of tough situations.

My other seminar was “Creating an Extraordinary Quality of Life Right Where You Are,” for a seniors group and the lights went on there too!  They appreciated getting tools and using simple graces to find a better life right where they are.

Both groups were ready and eager to apply their learning to face the tough circumstances of their lives.  It makes me smile to know that they are excited to create their own courageous new story.  That's why I will be also be working with the Hurricane Irma victims as a Rapid Relief Chaplain - to help them to rebuild and bring back a smile.


Big hugs and love, 


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