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Welcome!  I know it is not easy to find the right speaker, and I want provide the information you need for the best decision. 



I know it is not easy to find the right speaker.  I have been there too.   As a women's group leader and now a professional speaker, I have seen the powerful effect of just the right person who truly understands the art.  Even with months of planning, and promoting your event, if the speaker and her message does not touch the audience, then it is a disappointment.  You can’t afford to have that happen.

  Award winning speaker, with Toastmasters Intl. President Mohammed Murad of Dubai.

Award winning speaker, with Toastmasters Intl. President Mohammed Murad of Dubai.

As a speaker, my goal is to do everything I can to make your event a success.  On this page, I want to ensure you have all the information you need to make the best possible decision.  If you have any questions, please let us know.

One more thing. Thank you for your consideration. It’s an honor.

What you can expect from me and my team

As we plan and execute your event, here is what you can expect from me and my team:

  1. Prompt, courteous and professional replies to phone calls and email messages
  2. An initial phone consultation with a member of my team prior to your event
  3. An announcement about your event on my monthly newsletter and social media channels (per your permission)
  4. A professionally prepared and delivered presentation designed to meet your objectives and the unique needs of the audience
  5. Full engagement with the conference planners and attendees during the course of the event
  6. A brief, post event communication for evaluation purposes

Speaker BioGraphy

As a young mom, friends invited Helga to start a women's group which meant that she would speak and teach.  That was when she got hooked, and loved impacting audiences.  She learned the secrets of effective communication with the Power to Change organization and Mothers-who-care to lead to speaking and leading 400 people regularly with BSF International.    

With a master's degree and a heart of compassion, she loves to inspire well-being in every area of life whether in young or old, teens or professionals.  Her personal style has won the hearts of her audiences as she motivated them to make peace with the unexpected in life.  As a leader herself, she provides training sessions and also acts as a facilitator for meetings.  She makes a difference in the lives of so many!  

Helga's poignant story of the tragic loss of her 25 year old son because of a criminal driver and the struggle to overcome the loss, injustice and anger will captivate your audience.  Helga explains how releasing bitterness and forgiveness was key to restoring her tranquility and getting her life back.  Whether in the family, workplace or driving on the highway, she helps her audience learn how to overcome and use these powerful tools for a happier and less stressed life.  Her charm and love for life helps audiences grasp the secret for living a more fulfilling, productive life.

When not speaking, she loves to coaching people in renewing their resilience after chaotic loss such as divorce, health or bereavement.  She also writes short stories, feature articles, blog posts, stories and devotional meditations for in-print and online publications including City Light News, and Stories of Prayer and Faith, and her latest book, Welcome Words for Warriors

Helga loves hiking in the nearby Rockies, taking her three tiny granddaughters shopping and a quiet day with a good novel. 


"A storyteller at heart, Helga Bender inspires audiences with the warmth of her transparency and presence.  Her unique style makes you feel like you just spent an afternoon with a good friend, sparking tears one moment and laughter the next. Having experienced both the best and worst of life, she’s unafraid to disclose her imperfect spaces, so that you know you’re not alone in yours. 

As an experienced and award winning speaker, Helga gives seminars and keynote speeches.  Most recently she was the keynote speaker at Momentum Development AGM, the Rotary Club, and Toastmasters and seminars at the Calgary and Okotoks Libraries.  She is the author of the Helga’s Renewing Resilience Blog, the inspirational book “Welcome Words for Warriors”, and published short stories and feature articles, most recently in City Light News. 

With a master’s degree and other training, Helga also loves to coach people through the trauma and chaos of an unexpected life due to the loss of health, of relationship, or of a loved one.  In her business Helga Bender Coaching, she offers powerful tools that she has developed to avoid the pitfalls while renewing resilience and regaining tranquility and vision. 

Having lived in Vancouver and Ontario, Helga now lives in Calgary and loves Alberta big sky country and spending time in the magnificent Rockies with her daughter and her family.

Today, she will be inspiring us with her speech...  Please welcome Helga Bender!"


testimonials from my clients

"Helga is a fantastic speaker and she hooks you into to her tragic story and makes you realize that life is very unknown. Helga is an inspirational person and we should all be blessed that she's taken a very negative event and put it into a positive to help change other peoples lives. I would recommend Helga's speech to anyone that is going through a difficult time to help them heal and be open to the idea of forgiveness."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  - Dan Goldberg, Go Dental

Momentum had the pleasure of having Helga speak at our 2015 Annual Celebration & General Meeting.  She delivered a powerful speech infused with humour and compassion. While Helga’s journey is uniquely her own, she weaves her experiences into a narrative that is relatable and inspiring to all listeners. Her presence is professional and her words captivating.  Helga was the highlight for many of our attendees, closing the program in the strongest way possible. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a well-spoken, empathetic speaker.   - Amanda McKellar, Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Momentum Development

A riveting speaker that kept us spellbound for the start, eagerly wanting to hear the next thing.  -  V . W. Event Coordinator
Helga's speech helped a number of our members who have suffered loss. They realized that there is a better way to manage and understand the grief and it gave help, hope and inspiration.                                                     - Christine Rendall, Rotary Club

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