Helping people rebuild their lives after chaotic loss

Bad things, no, terrible things can happen to good people.  Losses can come from illness, divorce, death and more.  Shock, numbness and pain can debilitate and tax your health, relationships and productivity.  It can last a surprisingly long time but it doesn't have to.  

When Helga's son was killed, she was also facing a divorce and illness.  She looked for help but found very little.  Having already worked with traumatized people, she discovered effective tools to renew her own resilience and find meaning, contentment and peace again while honoring the past.  These powerful tools worked for her, they have worked for many others and they can help you too.  

Helga Bender is your compassionate "Sherpa" expert with the tools, and the expertise to avoid the pitfalls and ease the struggle.  Renew your resilience and rebuild an unexpected life, a hope and future while still cherishing the past. 

Contact her today for a no obligation, personal session,  "The Art of Finding Peace in an Imperfect World"

With a Master's Degree in Theological Studies, Helga can also provide in faith-based coaching where questions can be addressed confidently and confidentially.  Ask for it. 

Coaching strengthens an individual's resolve, steadies the course, sorts out options, and gives a second mind for assessing the complex issues surrounding loss. Uncover the beauty for ashes and the peace in mourning. 

Contact her today for a no obligation, personal session,  "The Art of Finding Peace in an Imperfect World"

In Helga Bender Coaching, you will learn to: 

  • Understand and take action to as you walk through your personal grief process
  • Address the difficult and incomplete areas with skilled assistance and avoid pitfalls
  • Feel normal again 
  • Find gratitude and purpose in your life going forward
  • Purposefully create your own beautiful legacy

Grief is a major wound but recovery is possible.  However, grief can get bogged down for months or years with the wrong kind of help, don't let that happen to you. Grief is walked step by step and Helga Bender will help ensure that your feet are on solid ground again.  

Contact Helga for a complementary, No obligation, personal "The Art of Finding Peace in an Imperfect World" introductory session for deeper peace and rest.




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Photography provided by Jared Chambers