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Insightful and practical.  With gentle guidance and support, Helga helped me find easy steps that I could do.  I am breaking through and even my back pain has improved.  I thank God for Helga!                                                                                                                                        - Karlotta

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When my son died, Helga really understood my trauma and pain when others couldn't.  Step by step, she helped me walk out of the dark place where I could barely think.  Now even though my life has changed,  I can see a light at the end of the tunnel.  It is getting brighter and there is a future for me.                                                                                                                            - Maria

I struggled with roller -coaster mixed-up emotions and sorting out what was happening to me. Helga helped me, she is absolutely awesome, and caring.  I have new strength and my life is getting back to normal.                                                 - Gloria

Helga was such blessing.  Losing my husband and all the plans we had was devastating.  I have made great progress with all the wonderful work that she coached me through, I know I am coming through and I look forward to life again.                                                - Suzanne

The sudden death of my husband, and the circumstances in which I found myself afterward, left me with overwhelming emotional pain and anger. Helga's intuitive understanding and sensitive, nonjudgmental approach were instrumental in helping me out of my dark deep pit of despair. Assisted by Helga's guidance and support, I am making my way toward healing and renewed joy in life.        - J.       

Coaching begins by recognizing an individual's ability to heal, to address issues and challenges and to take action.  The losses/grief coach brings those attributes to the surface when it may not be apparent to the struggling survivor to forge a new hope and future.  

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